Power through ergonomics

 This is no advertising slogan; we can prove it and you can check it out yourself!

With our testing device, you can even compare screwdriver grips and display the test results on your Android tablet PC or smartphone.

If you require one of our testing devices for demonstrations or comparisons, simply write this in the field "Device ID", preferably with your telephone number. We will then contact you.

Our APP for Android tablet PC or smartphone from Android 4.3 is not available in the Google Play Store.
Since we are still optimizing the APP, we only make it available to you directly.

Therefore please provide the email address of your Android tablet PC or smartphone below. We will then send the link to the installation file directly to your device.

If you enter the ID of your device, you are automatically provided with all future updates. The device ID is located under your testing device or displayed as second numbers and a letter sequence in the APP settings (gear symbol XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) on the Android tablet PC or smartphone.

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