We do not allow for any compromises and offer the correct solution for every requirement.

An optimized torque transmission, high torque resistance and
extremely long working life are not without reason. It all depends on
the quality of the steels, the special hardening and tempering treatments
and the perfect fitting of the bit. Witte’s bit programme does
not allow for any compromises and offers the correct solution for
every requirement.


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High reliable quality bits for use in industrial screw driving application

Extra hard

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Extra hard bits for screw driving with low and equally increasing torques


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The very hard Tin coating ensures an ideal wear resistance

Impact bits

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Especially developed for working with professional cordless impact screwdrivers


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Lower seating stress due to micro partical diamond coating offers even better grip


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Using a stainless steel bit eliminates the potential for any extraneous rust

Bit Holder

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Professional power tool use


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Innovative bit assortments in various execution