When Function and effect are in harmony.

WITTE is one of the leading manufacturers of assembly tools for screws and nuts. The company has been active for 225 years. but the ergonomic design of the handle elements is the typical successful feature that has woven its way through the fabric of our recent history.

As one of the first manufacturers worldwide, at a very early stage we began cooperating with designers and ergonomics faculties to develop innovations in both shape and materials.

This has made WITTE one of the foremost manufacturers in Europe. We intend to maintain and increase this high reputation, both at home and abroad.




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Product innovations

WITTE Werkzeuge presents a multitude of new, innovative products: Ball Joint Bit Holder, Ratchdrive, Bit-& Ratchet-SetImpact BitsBit-SetProtopVDEslim and Bitcommander

  • Zangen

  • Ratchdrive

  • Combit-Box 10 - Impact

  • PRO-VDE slim


WITTE stands for high quality screwdrivers and bits - Made in Germany